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24 X 7 Support

24x7 Technical Support provides outsourced webhosting support and server management services to web hosting providers and IT companies.

We provide support services using commonly used the medium of communication as helpdesk, live chat and email support. Our plans provide real 24x7 human support with customized service options to choose from.

We provide custom solutions specifically designed to meet client requirement to give you assurance and peace of mind when opting for our services.

Yes, we do offer 24×7 web hosting support. That means a ServerHealer will be there to attend the chat, call or email even at midnight. Your customer queries will be answered 24×7 with unmatched quality.

We have three different time slots. ( each time slot is 8 hours long. ) When you purchase a Dedicated Support Plan or Semi-Dedicated Plan or Shared Support Plan, you can choose either one of these time slots. We can also arrange custom time slot for Dedicated Support Plan as per your needs and requirements and you can contact us for that.

You may be still thinking why you need to provide non-business hour support. Trust us, it’s important if you are running a dynamic related business. What if one of your server went down at midnight?!
Most hosting providers offers 99.9% uptime and breaking this SLA may cause several issues. Also, you may have users around the world. 1.30am in USA is 12.00pm in India and 1.30pm in China. Competition in web hosting industry is growing day by day and if you want to stay ahead in the competition, 24×7 support is a must.

Some of our customers already have in-house staffs working for them at day time and they hand over the non-business hour support to us. Customers won’t feel a change and will thank you for being there 24×7.

It is proven that providing 24×7 support will result in higher customer satisfaction, will help you grow your business to new heights and gives you an edge in competitive marketing

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